About the game Bad Ice Cream

The game series of 'Bad Ice-Cream' is very popular by both children and adult who find it enjoyable, fun and nostalgic. The series includes so far 3 games and will soon be expected the fourth Bad Ice-Cream game, Bad Ice-Cream 4.

On all three games, you can choose to play a single player game or a two player game. If you play the game together with someone else, the game becomes a lot more challeging as you not only need to collect all the fruits, you need to collect more fruits than the other player to be annouceed as the level king! The game starts fairly easy but as you finish more and more levels the monsters become faster, more sofisticated and more dangerous.

To finish each level, you have to be fast, smart and precise. It is very easy to make mistakes and getting eaten by a hungry monster. If you want to learn more about the game or just see how other players play the game, please go to our walkthrough pages and watch the videos, it is almost as fun as playing the game yourself.

Player one: arrow keys for movement, space bar for action
Player two: a,s,w,d for movement, f or q keys for action

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