If you are looking for a game that is fun, nostalgic and challenging, you will love the 'Bad Ice-Cream' series. These games are suitable for both children and adults who enjoy arcade-style adventures. You can play as a single player or team up with a friend in a two player mode. The series consists of three games so far, and the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the fourth one, Bad Ice-Cream 4.

In each game, you control an ice cream cone that can create and break ice blocks to collect fruits and avoid enemies. The game starts with easy levels, but as you progress, the monsters become faster, smarter and more dangerous. You have to be quick, clever and accurate to complete each level and score more points than your opponent. You can also unlock different flavors and characters as you play.

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Here are the keys to play the game:

  • Player one: arrow keys for movement, space bar for action
  • Player two: a,s,w,d for movement, f or q keys for action