Bad Ice ream 1

Bad Ice Cream 1 is a fun and addictive arcade game where you control a cute ice cream cone and try to collect fruits and avoid enemies. You can play it online for free and enjoy the cool graphics and sounds. You can also play it with a friend in the two-player mode and compete for the highest score.

The game is simple but challenging. You can choose from four different flavors of ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint. Each flavor has a special ability to create or break ice blocks. You can use the ice blocks to block the enemies or to create a path to the fruits. But be careful, the enemies can also break the ice blocks and chase you. There are 40 levels to complete, each with different layouts, fruits, and enemies. Some of the enemies include penguins, snowmen, cows, and aliens. You have to collect all the fruits in each level to unlock the next one.

How to Play Bad Ice Cream 1

To play Bad Ice Cream 1, you need a keyboard and a browser that supports Flash. You can use the arrow keys to move your ice cream cone and the space bar to create or break ice blocks. If you are playing with a friend, the second player can use the WASD keys to move and the F key to create or break ice blocks. You can also change the controls in the options menu. The game has a pause button and a mute button for your convenience.

Why You Should Play Bad Ice Cream 1

Bad Ice Cream 1 is a great game for anyone who likes arcade games, ice cream, or both. It has a lot of features that make it enjoyable and entertaining, such as:

  • Cool and colorful graphics that create a winter wonderland atmosphere.
  • Funny and catchy sounds and music that match the game's theme and mood.
  • Simple and easy controls that anyone can learn and master.
  • Fun and varied gameplay that offers a mix of strategy, skill, and speed.
  • Two-player mode that allows you to play with a friend and have more fun.
  • 40 levels that offer different challenges and rewards.
  • Four flavors of ice cream that have different abilities and personalities.
  • A variety of fruits and enemies that add more excitement and diversity to the game.


  • Bad Ice ream 1

    Bad Ice ream 1

    Collect fruits and avoid the monsters, it starts easy but ends hard.

  • Bad Ice Cream 2

    Bad Ice Cream 2

    40 more levels of fun, don't stop playing before you finish all levels of Bad Ice cream 2.

  • Bad Ice Cream 3

    Bad Ice Cream 3

    In Bad ice cream 3 we find out that the ice cream is actually good on the inside.