Bad Ice-Cream 3

The game goal is the same as the previous two. Collect as many frutis as possible in the shortests ammount of time. In a two player game you must eat more fruits than your opponent to win the level. Player 1 users the arrow keys to move the space bar for action. Player 2 uses a,s,w,d to move and the q key for action.


  • Bad Ice-Cream 1

    Bad Ice-Cream 1

    Collect fruits and avoid the monsters, it starts easy but ends hard.

  • Bad Ice-Cream 2

    Bad Ice-Cream 2

    40 more levels of fun, don't stop playing before you finish all levels of Bad Ice-cream 2.

  • Bad Ice-Cream 3

    Bad Ice-Cream 3

    More fun in the last game of Bad Ice-cream.